Your home is your retreat, your place to keep and secure your belongings. Most people don’t know how well their property is protected. Are you currently securing your home with only a handle lock? This is easily broken through by force or sometimes with barely any at all, depending on how it all sits. We always recommend a deadbolt on your door to best secure your home against physical assaults. We can help eliminate that ring of keys you keep and help you get down to minimal keys to sort through or carry. Looking for access when you forget your keys? We can help with keyless deadbolts or handlesets depending on your needs. We always recommend a look at where your locks engage with the frame. It is vital to know how frames are secured and whether yours is only being held by a small piece of wood or heavy duty screws into strong framing. Ask us to examine your security and we are happy to give you proper advice to help secure your loved ones.

  • Just Moved? Don’t Know Whether You Got ALL the Keys to Your New House? Always best to Re-key Your Locks!
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  • Need Help to Install New Locks or Other Hardware?
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Caleb is a certified journeyman locksmith who takes pride in serving the community. He is passionate for doing things right the first time! While on the job, he loves encountering challenges he's never come across and solving them. Caleb has over 16+ years experience working on everything from vehicles, homes, businesses, safes, to locks in industrial settings, army bases and jails. If you're looking to open your vehicle, rekey your locks, make new keys, program keys or you just need security advice give Caleb a call. He is bondable, insured and looking forward to helping you when you need it most.

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