Commercial (Currently Only Doing Automotive Work)

  • Simplify the Amount of Keys for Your Large Building. We do Masterkeying for Every Size of Building
  • Hardware Installation on Steel or Aluminum Doors
  • Automatic Door Openers with Buttons or Touchless Options and Door Closers
  • Fix Break and Enters
  • Correct Hardware and Door Closing Problems
  • Key Control Solutions and Keyless Options

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Meet the owner/operator

Caleb Laakso

Caleb is a certified journeyman locksmith who takes pride in serving the community. He is passionate for doing things right the first time! While on the job, he loves encountering challenges he's never come across and solving them. Caleb has over 14+ years experience working on everything from vehicles, homes, businesses, safes, to locks in industrial settings, army bases and jails. If you're looking to open your vehicle, rekey your locks, make new keys, program keys or you just need security advice give Caleb a call. He is bondable, insured and looking forward to helping you when you need it most.